Full-Time – Plus

English Language Exam Courses
Course Summary Hours per week: 21
Days per week: 5 days per week AM / 2 days per week PM
Timetable:  9:30am–12:45pm – 1:45pm–5:00pm
Start date: On demand
Cambridge English exam - girl student studying English full time

We offer a range of Cambridge English exam preparation courses for different levels of general, academic and business English. For General English, the most popular exams are; First, Advanced and Proficiency. For Academic English, the most popular exam is IELTS (International English Language Testing System.) For Business English, the most popular exams are the Business English Certificates ( BEC).

Cambridge English exam preparation course: Full-time plus

At Nacel English School, we continuously monitor your suitability to enter these externally-moderated Cambridge exams, through classwork and testing and monthly mocks. You can take a Cambridge English exam preparation course approximately every month. Choosing the Full-time Plus option, you will study a total of 21 hours a week, thus optimizing your exam preparation. Our teachers will help you to revise your English skills, explain you how the test will take place and give you some useful tips to be fully prepared for the D-day!

The Full-time Plus option of our Cambridge English exam preparation course is suitable for those students who need to achieve the highest possible score without having much time to prepare for it. The course is very intensive and helps students to quickly improve their abilities to suceed at the Cambridge tests.
These exams comprise different papers testing students’ English language and skills knowledge; namely pronunciation/speaking, listening, reading, writing, and vocabulary/grammar.

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