Hotel and Flats bookings

//Hotel and Flats bookings

Nacel English School may also arrange for you alternative student accommodation in London, such as guest house and hotel bookings. We can indeed help you to rent flats, rooms and other types of accommodation, within walking distance of our English Language School. They are available on request, and subject to availability.

Hotel, services flats and hostels: your alternative student accommodation in London

• Local friendly Hotel (only 5-minutes’ walk to the underground) with special prices for our students. Enjoy a comfortable hotel accommodation, offering a varied breakfast buffet. The hotel is located in a quiet residential area, at walking distance to the underground station.
This type of accommodation is available for individuals or groups. Inquire about our hotel rates!

• Serviced flats: we find this type of accommodation ideal for families because they wish to live independently, all together, and usually expect to cook for themselves. They just come with their suitcases and find everything they need already available in the flats!

• High-quality Hostel in two conveniently, centrally located areas of London (for group bookings only): we have selected for our groups of students nice hostels. Groups have access to all necessary facilities, including catering facilities.

Further information on the above, other residences and flat shares, is available on request. Don’t hesitate to contact us to inquire about our various alternative student accommodation options in London. We will be happy to help you to find the most suitable solution for you, your family or your group.

** : estimated price