Long Term English courses London

Long term English courses London - Learn the language in depthOpt for long term English courses in London with Nacel

Do you have that university place you wanted but are worried you won’t understand any of your lectures? Or a job that needs a higher level of English than you have at the moment?

Our Long Term English courses London can help you achieve your long-term goals!

Spend 6 months to an academic year in London

Our Long Term Intensive English Courses will provide everything you need: from grammar and vocabulary that you need to understand in your job or course, to everyday conversational English that you can use during your time with us in London. You can choose to study with us for anything from 6 months (24 weeks) to 1 year, and our flexible timetables give you freedom to choose a schedule that meets your needs.

How intensively should I study?

We offer various intensity depending on the time you wish to dedicate to your English studies.

You may study full time or part-time, on mornings or on afternoons or both:

  • 15 hours a week
  • 21 hours a week
  • 24 hours a week
  • 30 hours a week

While you may attend General English courses during the first weeks of your stay, you may then decide to focus on:

Boost your employability with Nacel

Attending long term English courses in London also gives you the opportunity to use your new skills on a workplace and thus boost your employability. We help you find an internship placement in London thanks to our London Work Experience program.  You may also select part time classes at local universities and colleges.

Enrolling on a long-term English course in London will help you to make significant progress in all areas of your English and our regular tutorials and progress tests will allow us to follow your progress and help you find the areas you need to improve to ensure you get the most out of this incredible opportunity!

A long term course gives you the chance to experience more of life in London through our social programme and seize the opportunity for your own adventures in London and future long term success!

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