At Nacel English School London, we want to get to know our students inside, as well as outside the classroom; therefore, we want our social and cultural activities to play an important part in the life of our students whilst they are studying English in London. We want to enable you to not only interact in the English language with your fellow classmates outside the classroom, but also to experience London and England as a whole.

We organise a varied weekly social programme. Activities include theatre trips, parties, visits to museums, concerts and football matches, quizzes, pub socials, cinema nights, sporting activities and excursions outside London to some of the beautiful places England has to offer; Brighton, Oxford, Cambridge and many more! We are always at the heart of the London social scene! 🙂

The activities are teacher-run and led to ensure that they are academically beneficial. Activities are not just sightseeing trips around London; they are lessons outside the classroom. Prior to the activity, you are given information and specific vocabulary and expressions relevant to the outing. You are then encouraged to use this language throughout the activity, allowing you to maximise your English language and cultural learning potential in a fun and interactive environment, whilst making new friends and practising your English in a real-life situation.

The majority of our social activities are free 🙂 you will only have to pay for your travel expenses and occasionally any entrance fee if applicable.

Details of the trips can be found on notice boards around our London Language School. More pictures and videos from trips and social activities can be found on our facebook page –

Also, please view our monthly newsletter where you can find details of trips and excursions organised, and register for our monthly newsletter. The newsletter also tells you the nationalities of all students studying with us for each month.

Make your time studying English in London with Nacel English School a memorable experience!

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