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Nacel English School London teaches you English at its new brand building located on the main street of Finchley, in London. Established in 1990, the school has more than 30 years of experience, providing high-quality English courses in London and making learning English a pleasure.
Live & Learn English in London!

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High-experienced and dedicated teachers and staff
boutique-styled school
Quality English language courses in London from beginner to advanced


Desirable and safe residential area in London
Welcoming local host families and quality student residences
Varied social programme


Selma R.

Selma - Nacel English School LondonSelma recommend our General English courses where you focus on the 4 main English language  skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing.

“If you are really into enhancing your English speaking, listening or writing, I recommend that you give it a shot at Nacel. It will undoubtedly be a remarkable life experience!”

Gustavo Luz F.

Gustavo Luz - Nacel English School LondonGustavo Luz liked his English teachers at Nacel English School London!

“All the teachers in this school are native English speakers. Maybe this is is the reason for my fast development and good pronunciation!”

Paolo C.

Paolo - Nacel English School LondonPaolo enjoyed Finchley. We are located in a nice and safe neighbourhood in the North of London.

“The school is in a lovely part of London.”


Karla - Nacel English School LondonKarla checked our Google rating to choose us! She enjoyed her stay in our English school in London.

“It took me a while to decide which English school I wanted to go to because there are so many. Nacel English School had very good reviews so I thought I should go for this one. Indeed it is a great English school in London! My English improved much faster than I thought and the school has a great atmosphere. The teachers are very very nice, and they make the learning easy. The staff at the reception are always very helpful and made my stay in London much easier. I also like meeting people from around the world in the school, it’s easy to make friendships. I am very happy of my choice with this school.”

Sacha C.

Sacha - Nacel English School LondonSacha prepared his IELTS exam with us and boost his score!

“I had a great experience with Nacel ESL through a 2 month-training to prepare the IELTS exam and I got the score I wanted. Very efficient training methods, nice and proficient teachers, and many social events to attend.”

Adalberto P.

Adalberto - Nacel English School LondonAdalberto appreciated our smooth booking process!

“Everything was very easy, from registration to accommodation!”

Vanessa C.

Vanessa - nacel English School LondonVanessa enjoyed the English classes and her teachers at the Nacel school!

“Thank Nacel for being such an amazing school in all aspects and for helping me to improve my English. If you are looking for an English school with great teachers and staffs, I highly recommend Nacel School. I already miss you guys!”

Flora H.

Flora - Nacel English School LondonFlora studied with us in 2017 and commented her English course in London as follow:

“Friendly atmosphere, helpful staff and teachers, nice people from all over the world, social activities, good educational support, get ready to several English certifications… All the conditions reunited to improve your English skills!”

Jeong H.

JeonJeong took an English course a few years ago.

“London is a beautiful city. Studying here is really enjoyable and rewarding!”

Carolina C.

Carolina - Nacel English School LondonCarolina studied English with us in London. She booked a long-term English course.

“I have been in London for 5 months and have made many new friends. I’m having a great time and my English has developed so much. I started at the Pre-Intermediate Level and I am now in the First Certificate Class and I’m really enjoying myself. This will help my prospects in the future!”

Robert T.

Robert - Nacel English School LondonRobert studied English during the summer and participated in our weekly social activities.

“I really enjoy the social activities and sports days at Nacel English School, I have made lots of friends!”

Joseph Enrique Y.

Joseph Enrique - Nacel English School LondonJoseph Enrique, 37, studied with us for a few weeks and was able to earn a Cambridge certificate!

“I started at the school in the Elementary class and now attend the Advanced class! So I can say I have progressed further than I imagined. Soon, I will be taking my Cambridge English Advanced exam and will then move on to the Proficiency class. I really enjoy going out with the other students, our friendly teachers and the administration staff. At the beginning, I was surprised how many friendly and open people I found in London.”

Mia W.

Mia - Nacel English School LondonMia travelled to London to study English at Nacel English School London.

“Studying at Nacel English School has been a great experience. I will cherish it for the rest of my life.”

Marzhan Y.

Marzhan - Nacel English School London

Marzhan came from Kazakhstan and stayed in a British host family while she was learning English at school.

“My host family is really friendly. I feel part of the family and it is only a short walk to school. I love my student life in London.”

Hiroshi T.

Hiroshi - Nacel English School LondonHiroshi is a professional. He booked one-to-one English classes to improve his English skills quickly and efficiently.

“I am a Chief Executive, and the One-to-One Tuition on the Tailor Made Programme has enabled me to set up and successfully run a branch of my company here in the UK.”


Ario - Nacel English School LondonArio chose Nacel English School London to learn English in England.

“I can’t believe how fast I have progressed! Being here makes all the difference.”

Monica Y.

Monika - Nacel English School LondonMonica moved from a General English course to an Exam Preparation course.

“I enjoy being at this school very much. We have really good and friendly teachers. In addition, my English has improved a lot. I started in the Elementary Level and now, only 5 months later, I’m in the First Certificate Class. It’s great!”

Tamami E.

Tamami - Nacel English School LondonTamami succeeded at the Cambridge CAE exam and continues to improve!

“I enjoy school life enormously. I passed the CAE Exam and I am now studying towards the CPE Exam. This will be a great qualification for my future career!”

Find the right and best English course for you:

Why choose our London English School?

ISI inspected English School

Nacel English School London is a UKVI Student Sponsor.

Wide Range of English Courses

We run a wide variety of English Courses in London in the morning and afternoon.

Excellent Academic Results

We believe in maximising our students’ language-learning potential.

Optimum Location

Nacel English School is in Finchley Central, North London; an excellent, leafy, safe residential area.

Dynamic Teaching

Our teachers are appropriately qualified, carefully selected and dedicated professionals.

Interactive Social Programme

Social and cultural activities play an important part in the life of our students.

Convenient Local Accommodation

We provide various types of accommodation to suit your individual needs and preferences.

Personal Attention

We pride ourselves on providing a friendly and welcoming atmosphere while paying attention to our individual student’s needs.

Highly Satisfied Students

We are committed to our students and partners and are proud of being part of their success.



Study English in London

Nacel English School London, our language school in London, welcomes overseas students all year round, at all levels and from the age of 16. We also welcome Young Learners in groups.

Studying in a language school abroad means traveling and living in another country for a few weeks or a few months to deepen your knowledge of an English language through your English course in London and live a real British and London cultural experience.

Choose your dates of stay, the number of English lessons per week, your activities, and your student accommodation. The English language school is an à la carte English language program!

English Language School Experience in London: Insights and Perspectives

An English school welcomes students from all over the world: they come to spend a few weeks or even a few months in a big city or even a capital city, such as London. These students live on-site in a British host family, a London student residence, or sometimes in a nearby shared apartment, depending on their age, budget, and preferences. They attend their English classes daily, most often in the mornings but our London English school also offers afternoon, evening, and weekend classes. You can adapt your English course in London to your availability and timetable.

English language lessons are usually provided in groups, but may also be supplemented by private one-to-one English lessons or activities supervised by the school team. However, these social activities are not mandatory nor included in the course. Many are free or charge, some require a small contribution. Your English study program in London is flexible. In addition, during the weekends, you can choose to take part in excursions and visits offered by the school or build up your program!

Learn English abroad and discover London while improving your English. The English language course in our international London School of English adapts to your budget, as well as to your projects and desires!

As part of the English language program in our language school in London, you benefit from the on-site support of the language school teams and the expertise of its native, qualified, and experienced English language teachers.

Your London stay is not entirely defined before your departure: if your English lessons are of course booked, your level will only be determined after the English language test carried out on the first day. Moreover, our English school not only organizes lessons and accommodation for you, it also offers social and cultural activities, city visits, sports activities and even excursions in and out of London, on afternoons or weekends.

Discovering Windsor Castle in England? Enter Westminster Abbey? Visit the British Museum? A whole world to explore!

Your benefit at all times of:
● The assistance of the language school team, before, during, and after your studies in London;
● An emergency phone number, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
● The useful advice of your host family or your residence staff.
Studying English in a London English school is an “à la carte” independent and supported program.

How do I choose the right and best English language school for me?

Our London School of English is an accredited center, renowned for the quality of our English teaching, the modernity of our English teaching methods, as well as for the excellence of our facilities and teaching materials.

Nacel English School London is not the only accredited English teaching center in London. Why choose our English school in London?

  • Because we are a boutique-styled language school in London, we know each of our international students and enjoy building a personal relationship between students, staff, and teachers.
  • We truly appreciate our social activities, usually led by our English teachers: they enrich both teachers and students.
  • We also value our parties in our school’s get-together area and always find the time to discuss with our students about their experience with us.
  • We constantly monitor our students’ progress and have their success as a top priority.
  • We care about our students and do our very best to make their London experience unforgettable.

Feel welcome in our English language school in London.

Tips for Parents: is a London school of English a good choice for a teenager?

Your child is:
● High school student,
● Student in college or university?

His level in English, both written and spoken, is:
● beginner,
● intermediary,
● or advanced?

Your child wants:
● To learn English abroad;
● To live a new language and cultural experience in the United Kingdom;
● Discover England or more specifically London;
● Meet other foreign students of his age;
● Pass an official language exam such as IELTS or Cambridge tests;
● Prepare for a University application where English is a real plus;
● Learn independence and autonomy, make one’s own experiences;
● And above all freely choose all the components of his next English study program?
Available all year round to 16+ students, our English courses in London, with their flexibility and great adaptability, meet the needs of your child. If your child is younger than 16, our Summer Camp in London will meet his needs in terms of junior English classes, suitable study and living environnement and staff supervision.


Our English language school in London is proud to be part of the Nacel group. The group’s long-standing and varied expertise in international education ensures an academically successful and enriching language learning experience.

Nacel English School London has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, enabling the students to attend challenging English courses in London for adults (16+) and learn English in an environment that contributes in a positive way to language development. Under 16 are also welcome in groups. Combining this with high standards of teaching, the school offers students the opportunity to progress at a pace that makes learning English worthwhile and enjoyable. The students feel at ease while making real progress in all English language skills. Our ESOL courses in London (English for Speakers of Other Languages) allow you to improve your understanding and speaking/writing skills.
Discover our General English classes or our English Exam Preparation Courses such as our IELTS course in London!

Nacel English School London is your educational partner in England: we teach you English at all levels and accompany you at all steps of your learning experience thanks to our diversified English courses in London. You may even prepare for an IELTS exam or a Cambridge Certificate. Our English teachers are passionate and dedicated: each of our students is unique and receives personalized support and attention during their English classes in London.

Learning English in London is not just about studying the language with your teacher in the classroom: we introduce you to British culture, allowing you to experience London and the British way of life first-hand. Join a community of students and teachers for a challenging and rewarding time in London. Learn English in real-life situations, take a course in English in London!

Located in Finchley, a safe residential area of the North of London, our London School of English is an ideal place to learn English in London.