Learning the Local Language at a London English School

//Learning the Local Language at a London English School
london english school

london english school

You’ve made a bold decision that’s about to change your life and open new doors — you want to learn English! What’s the best way to learn English? At a London English school, of course, in London, the birthplace of the language.

By learning English in its originating city, you’re giving yourself a tremendous advantage, whether it’s for business advancement or personal achievement.

The Benefits Of Learning Another Language

Learning a language that is not your native tongue has a multitude of benefits.

Here are just a few:

  • Improves Overall Communication Skills – Learning a new language challenges your brain to recognize and negotiate meaning, and that can extend to your ability to communicate with others overall.
  • Opens Up Traveling Opportunities – If you only know one language, your traveling opportunities are more limited. By learning another one, you are making it easier on yourself to travel to areas where they are predominantly speaking languages that aren’t your native tongue.
  • Improve Your Marketability – By being able to put down that you know more than one language automatically gets you more attention from potential employers and clients.
  • Become More Social – Knowing more than one language means you’ll be able to speak to more people and get to know them better. Break down those barriers by becoming fluent in more than one language.

Why English Is A Great Language To Learn

You are not alone in learning English as your second language. You’re joining millions of people who also see the tremendous opportunities that learning the language at a London English school offers.

English is one of the most spoken languages around the world. It’s estimated that 1,500 million people worldwide speak it, and only 375 million of them are native speakers.

Embarking on the journey to learn English is a big step and one that’s incredibly rewarding.

What better place to study for to achieve your goals than a London English school?

Learn English At A London English School At Your Pace

Not everyone has the same style of learning and as an adult, you may have specific time restraints and preferred methods. The right London English school will be able to meet your needs.

Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Prepare For University – Take a course that is specifically geared towards giving you the language and study skills for you to enter into English University prepared to be successful.
  • General London English Course Study – Enter into a general track at the level that you’re ready for and move to higher level courses when you are ready.
  • One-On-One Study – Work with an instructor on an individual basis instead of a classroom with others to get special attention.
  • Study For The Cambridge English Exam – If your main goal is to pass, this is a great road to prepare yourself. By taking this course, you can also prepare yourself for the IELTS, which is the most popular exam for entering higher education in England.

Get Outside Of The Classroom

You can choose an immersive road with London English school summer courses that get you out and about in London. You can learn about the city and the culture while learning English!

Instead of just feeling like learning a new language is all work and no play, you can treat your study more like a vacation. This also gives you an opportunity to meet some great people.

You can move out of your language comfort zone without feeling like you’re on your own. Connect yourself with the city alongside a dedicated instructor and other students who are learning English as a secondary language.

Summer courses are great for adults to have a fun time while they’re bettering themselves for greater opportunities.

Develop Your Professional Skill Set

If your main goal for learning English at a London English school is professional development, gear your education towards that. There are many ways you can go about this.

You can take courses in your professional field alongside others who are also learning English as a secondary language. Here are some of the fields that hold a tremendous amount of opportunity professionally for those who speak English:

  • Medical Profession – By learning English, you can give yourself the opportunity for better pay and work in research facilities in more places.
  • Biology and Chemistry – Advancements are happening globally and by learning English, you have access to more information to take you to new levels.
  • Banking, Finance, and Accounting – With so many opportunities to advance internationally, it’s more important than ever to give yourself the advantage of speaking English. It will give you the competitive edge you’re looking for.
  • Oil and Gas Industry – This business takes you everywhere, and by learning English, you’ll be able to communicate better within the industry.
  • Engineering – The need for qualified engineers is everywhere and by being able to speak an additional language, you’ll be able to work with people better to get the job done.
  • Executive Management – A large component of being a great leader is about being able to communicate effectively and learning English will help exponentially.
  • Marketing – In this ever-changing field, you can be a constant by expanding your language skills.
  • Law – No matter what type of law you practice, speaking and writing is a large part of this field. The more language skills you have, the more successful you can become.

You are already familiar with the terminology of your chosen field in your language, and now it’s time to translate that knowledge and be able to communicate about it effectively in English!

You’re not going into learning English without your own skills to bring to the table. There will be context and there will be others in your class who are there with you. Your instruction is based on the assumption that you know your field, and you’re just adding another language into the mix.

Are you ready to embark on your adventure to learn English at a London English school? Contact us.  We have a staff ready to help and are fluent in a variety of languages.